Frequently Asked Questions

Why the name “BigGorilla”?

This is because data integration and data preparation is a big, hairy, and nasty problem. Incidentally, Michael Stonebraker refers to the problem of data curation at scale as the “800 pound gorilla of Big Data”.

What is BigGorilla?

BigGorilla is a community effort to develop an open-source ecosystem for data preparation and data integration in Python. The BigGorilla community aspires to be the place where people can find out about new developments in data preparation and data integration, promote their software, and to look for answers to questions they may have.

Who are we?

BigGorilla is initiated by Recruit Institute of Technology and University of Wisconsin. And this web site is currently hosted by Recruit Institute of Technology.

How do I register my software package?

Please go to this link.
(You need to sign-up/log-in prior to register your package)

How can I contribute?

You can contribute by participating in the forum (answering questions, sharing examples, providing feedback) or contributing your relevant software packages. Or you can also let us know how else you wish to contribute.

Who should I contact regarding BigGorilla?

You can send us an email at Contact Form.